About Us

Keith Strmiska 

Keith Strmiska is part of FacetFlash's photography and design team.  Using his degree in Arts and Technology, he works alongside Calvin Smith Jr. to create advertisements, videos, pictures, and designs.  He specializes in composing photographs for advertisements and photo editing.  His passion for photography came from working with traditional film and processing in the darkroom with his professors at the University of Texas at Dallas.

Calvin Smith Jr.

Calvin Smith Jr. began his interest in photography photographing action sports. Over time that grew into studying the art of photography by creating videos and taking photographs for individuals.  Throughout Calvin's hobby of photography it grew into a passion when he joined Calvin's Fine Jewelry, the family business, at age 17.  Calvin Smith Jr. has grown to be passionate about jewelry photography over the past 3 years working with the numerous amounts of jewelry at the store.  He hopes to one day own the family business and pursue the path that his father has begun.  Until then he will continue to prosper as a jewelry photographer and contribute to the family business that he loves so much.

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